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Strategic Development Initiatives

In pursuit of our organization's growth and success, we are launching a set of strategic development project initiatives. These initiatives are designed to propel us toward our long-term goals, enhance operational efficiency, and position us as a leader in our industry. Here is an overview of the key strategic development projects:.

Underground Water Tower

Underground Water Tower Image

This tower is built on campus purposely to serve the falicity as well as the community with clean underground water which hhas been tested and approved to be good and helath for consumption by the relevanr authorities.This is one of the strategy to grow with our community.

Intensive Care Unit(ICU)

It is Under construction

Others include:

  • Diagnostic imaging center: CT Machine
  • Outpatient and Accidents and Emergency Centre
  • Heart/Cardiology Center: Echo machine, Treadmill, EKG
  • Oxygen plant
  • Renal Unit
  • Oncology Center