Kendu Adventist Hospital is the oldest and largest Adventist medical facility in Kenya. It was founded in 1925 under the East African Union of Seventh-day Adventists and is today under the West Kenya Union Conference.It is situated a short distance from the shores of Lake Victoria at Kendu Bay.
Kendu Adventist Hospital has over the years grown to be a complex which encompasses a School of Medical Sciences, an elementary school, and a Comprehensive Care Center. The hospital which started with six beds is currently a 170-bed facility.

We Provide Compassionate and Affordable Health Care Services

Surgical Services

Diagnostic Services

Pharmaceutical Services

Clinical Services

Pedriatic Services

Dental Services


Kendu Adventist Hospital is a Christian community committed to disciple people by providing quality healthcare, leading to wellness and abundant life in Christ in preparation for His soon return. 


A leading mission hospital, providing comprehensive health services. 

Core Values


At Kendu Adventist Hospital compassion is the bedrock of everything we do.


We uphold accountability at every level of our operation.


Respect is integral to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment within our hospital


 We are committed to excellence in all aspects of healthcare delivery.


Service is the essence of our mission to provide compassionate care to those in need.

Our Partners