Kendu Adventist Hospital  was founded in 1925 where Dr. George A. S. Madgwick was appointed to serve as the first medical director. The first two nurses at the hospital were Karen Nielsen and Carentze Olsen who, prior to coming to Kendu, served at Skodsburg Sanitarium in Denmark. Dr. Madgwick served in Kendu for 15 years while the two pioneer nurses both served for 25 years. In the early years the hospital conducted important medical work, bringing much-needed services. Some 20 other medical directors served at Kendu following Dr. Madgwick, serving terms of varied durations. Two of them served more than one term; notably, Dr. B. E. Amundsen (1950-1953 and 1954-1956) and Dr. E. C. Kraft (1971-1979; 1985-1988; and 1989-1990).


Kendu Adventist Hospital has over the years grown to be a complex which encompasses a School of Medical Sciences, an elementary school, and a Comprehensive Care Center. The hospital which started with six beds is currently a 170-bed facility.
In 2007, the hospital’s management structure was revised, creating the position of chief executive officer who leads an administrative team composed of the director of medical staff, director of nursing services, business manager, director of the school of medical sciences, coordinator for the comprehensive care center, and hospital chaplain.

Our Motto:

Compassionate Care, Healing Hearts